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Primarily a  natural nutritional manufacturing company, currently at the research and development stage. We are committed to providing nutrition in the most convenient form. We started by looking at the difficulty of taking an aray of prescribed medication, which was capsules and tablets.  Prescribed medication and even supplementary nutrition are similar in their action and this can have an adverse effect on the gut, liver and kidneys. There is a physical limit to how many capsules and tablets a patient can take in a day. Naturally, patients will favour prescribed medication, rather than supplementary  nutrition, but then the side effects can be more problematic, as the body adjusts to a lower intake of protective nutrition.   


 To maintain good health in, children, adults and seniors, we provide a family of products which are created to provid vitamins minerals and antioxidants in a gentle soothing and convenient cup of tea, coffee, or cold drink, in keeping with the needs of specific age groups.  We can source our ingrediants  from the continents of South and Central America, using our own special processing method.  We add other ingredients to base ingredients, to enhance and make our nutrition more effective.  Our products are a convenient way to intake antioxidants, which kill free radicals.  This is good, because free radicals are a known cause of cancer, so preventing a build up of free radicals. This will help our bodies immune system, cope easier and as our nutriion is in the form of a delicious tea, which is very enjoyable.  


 It does not end there, because our products deliver and aray of vitamins and minerals, which are condusive to good health. Our concerns were intitally aimed at seniors, who are often on a significant mixture medication.  but the more we looked at nutritional needs, we found that the population at large were subject to nutritional deficits, which would change with age, but due to inappropriate choices in the young and processed food in adults, people are not getting the nutrition they need for a healthy and energetic lifestyle.


All our  products are plant based. The type we use,  are called Phenols, and the group are known specifically, as Anthcyanin's. We found that significant work was performed  with regard to anthocyanins (the basis of our research)   There are clinical papers, which claim that Anthocyanins, can delay the onset of Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Dementia. We are pleased to work with Aberystwyth here in Wales, to provide analytical research. Our research allows us to help farmers to get a second income for their harvest,  which will help farms become more viable and sustainable. It will have a positive impact, on our own economy here in Wales. We  are expecting our first harvest soon and will be able to fulfil regular orders from February 2020.  


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