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We aim to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. Our staff will always welcome you with friendly, attentive service.

I set out to find an alternative to capsules and tablets, somthing as simple as food and drink

Lynn Heritage

Managing Director

Switchboard: +44 1685 720070

Mobile: + 7899 928646

E-mail: lynn.heritage@heritagehealthorganics.com



Building a caring team. We are working with Coffee Farmers to give them a 2nd income, for their original harvest

Yvonne Heritage

Company Secretary & Administrator

Switchboard: +44 1685 720070

Mobile 07502 995724 

e-mail: yvonne.heritage@heritagehealthorganics.com


As Company Administrator, I have responsiblity to build a strong team, dedicated to customer support, who can work in harmony together, to deliver the kind of service, our customers have come to expect


I am pleased to reach people, who will benefit from the health giving properties of Heritage Health Organics, Products .

Tracey  Heritage-Eynon

Marketing Director

Switchboard: + 44 1685 720070


As Media Director, I want to provide visual evidence of the long term benefits of convenient nutritional support

Rachel Heritage-Atak

Media Director

Switchboard: + 44 1685 720070


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